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Dr. Finkle is the first doctor I’ve seen who really listens to me, my concerns, and what I’m interested or capable of doing for treatment…All this with no judgements. She treats my whole being, not just the symptoms, and checks in with me to see how I’m doing. She truly cares. Because of these things, I’m finally getting results!

Shanon S. - New Paltz, NY

Health care is never simple. Anyone who tells you that they can solve all your aches and body dysfunction by swallowing a pill is not telling the truth. To be healthy and avoid chronic illness, you need to listen to your body. Dr. Finkle can help you learn how to do that. Through Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and good old fashioned doctoring, you will begin to feel better. These are treatments that feel whole, healthy, and sustaining. Trust me, I went to dozens of doctors and specialists before I met Dr. Finkle, and now I can actually digest my food!

Sarah H. - Virginia

I wanted to somehow let others know how great it is to find a physician who is available and kind. The kindness and knowledge she brings to her patients is unique. My husband and I recommend her without reservation again and again. Caring, professional knowledge and the innate wanting to heal is the keystone of Dr. Finkle.

Lorraine M. - Mt. Tremper, New York

Dr. Finkle is a warm, caring, experienced doctor. She really listens to all the details of one’s life in order to solve health problems that most physicians only seem to dismissively prescribe pills for. In a way, she is reminiscent of the old fashioned family doctor, combining thoughtful sensitivity, medical science expertise, and ancient healing remedies. I am so glad to have her in our community to work with us and our families to achieve healthful living in all the stages of our lives.

Lily P. - Stone Ridge, New York

I met Dr. Finkle I late 2008 because my son was in terrible gastric distress and not responding to conventional treatments. Dr. Finkle patiently listened to his history, asked questions that helped us discover what might be going on with him and compassionately treated my son. Dr. Finkle offered us a variety of treatments including homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary suggestions, massage techniques, and more. Dr. Finkle worked with us and altered the treatment plan when necessary. My son is now on a wonderful treatment plan for gluten and dairy intolerance which thankfully includes Dr. Finkle’s care. I continue to consult with her to update the treatment as well as discuss the latest in health research. Dr. Finkle truly saved my son and put our family on the road for continued health success.

When one of my other boys began to show different signs of distress, I immediately made an appointment to meet with Dr. Finkle. She created a plan for him as well, and within a matter of weeks, I saw a difference in his health and personality. I completely trust and honor Dr. Finkle’s abilities. We consider Dr. Finkle a member of our family.

E. S. - Upstate New York

One year ago I was looking for someone to help me figure out what conventional doctors could not. I called Dr. Finkle, as her website listed her impressive credentials. I found her to be a kind, thoughtful and caring person who also happens to be very wise. She has good instincts and resources when looking for answers to your symptoms. She wanted me to have complete blood work done, hormones, too. It was discovered after this test that some of the hormones were high. So an MRI found that I had a hormone-producing pituitary tumor called Acromegaly that I may have had for 10 years or more. My symptoms were so close to depression, and that’s what they told me I had for years.

If Dr. Finkle had not asked for this test I would have gone on for many more years just taking anti-depressants. My endocrinologist was distracted with too many patients to put thought into hearing my symptoms and finding the root cause. Dr. Finkle takes time and puts thought into each patient, even on her own time and gets to the root cause of the imbalance or illness.

I am very grateful to her for doing her job well. She will have a patient and friend for life. Best of Health,

Rene H. - Catskill, New York

Dr. Finkle has really helped totally turn my health around. I was a dedicated athlete who became constantly sick, run-down, and unable to run any more. In 7 years of being constantly sick and run down, none of the other half dozen or so Western and Eastern practitioners could help, and the numerous vitamins, herbs, and treatments they had prescribed accomplished absolutely nothing.

Dr. Finkle suggested a seemingly simple fix of Apple Cider Vinegar to improve my acid/alkaline balance. Dr. Finkle is a very sharp diagnostician. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her too highly.

Steve. T. - Boston

Dr. Finkle is the old-fashioned family doctor, the real thing.

L.H. - New York, New York

At 63 years of age, I felt as though life as I had known was over. I attributed my tiredness, depression, constant weeping, and lack of motivation to empty nest syndrome and my father’s recent death. I didn’t feel like doing anything any more. All I looked forward to was retirement so that I could just sleep as long as I wanted. I had always been an energetic, happy- go- lucky person, and I was sad to see that part of me gone.

Luckily, because of other undiagnosed medical issues, I decided on a second opinion, but not from an MD. I had lost faith in all the chemical medications that were prescribed for all of the above symptoms, medications with side effects that caused other issues. I searched the web and found Rise Finkle of Stone Ridge Natural Medicine.

Since then, my life has changed completely. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable aabout natural remedies, but she is also so compassionate that you find yourself telling all. In one session she was able to put me on a natural path to physical and mental well-being. Thank you, Rise!

F. S. - Hudson Valley, New York

Many years ago, in 2003, I went to you for acupuncture when you worked in Connecticut. The reason I write is to thank you for still being the Best Acupuncturist I know. When my clients ask me about acupuncture, I wish you were closer. The other thing I want to thank you for is connecting me with the I-Ching. I will always remember that you introduced it to me, and it has served as a loyal friend ever since. Different things speak to us at different times in our lives, but the I-Ching has never stopped being a lovely place to find peace. So I thank you for that ! With Gratitude,

Rita L. - New Haven, Connecticut

I want to very sincerely thank you for having been such a wonderful clinician for me and my care, for your kindness, your knowledge, your interest in understanding what is going on, your sincere concern for your patients. Rise, you stand WAY out in a crowd of medical professionals for all that you represent and embody.

Thank you for being there for me these past two years. I am very grateful.

Dr. Stephanie S. - Hudson Valley, New York

After years of recurring illnesses and being frustrated with assembly-line medical practices, I began to look for other answers to my health through natural medicine. I felt that conventional medical practices were more interested with insurance payments and hastily scribbled prescriptions for my symptoms than they were interested in treating me as a person.

I decided to explore another approach to health. I was fortunate enough to find Stone Ridge Natural Medicine after searching the internet. After my first visit with Dr. Finkle, I was both surprised and pleased to have found a physician who took an interest in me as a person. Dr. Finke takes the extra step in establishing a personal relationship with patients in order to give me the best medical care and advice possible in treating me, not just my symptoms. So often, conventional medicine fails to focus on the root causes of our maladies, and as a result, we are never truly healed.

My experience with Stone Ridge Natural Medicine has helped me to be more aware of my health and how I live my life. Dr. Finkle’s willingness to answer all of my questions, conduct research, find answers and options and maintain a personal approach to my health care is priceless and can only be compared to having a member of your own family as a physician. Finding a physician who cares about my health as much as I do is refreshing and motivating. It has helped me to take new interest in taking charge of my life and well-being.

After a lifetime of feeling pushed around by conventional medicine, Stone Ridge Natural Medicine was an opening to a new world of health and well-being. I have been a patient with Stone Ridge for 7 years and see Dr. Finkle regularly for health maintenance and acupuncture treatments. Since my first visit, I feel younger, healthier, and more aware of myself than I have in many years. If anyone reading this has ever been put off by “doc-in-the-box” medicine, make the switch to natural medicine, and you won’t ever want to go back. I recommend Stone Ridge Natural Medicine and Dr. Finkle to all my friends and family who are looking for a better way to vibrant health.

M. T. - Kingston, New York

Stone Ridge Natural Medicine is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Ulster County, New York. We are 90 miles north of New York City and are within minutes from Woodstock, Kingston, New Paltz and Ellenville, NY

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