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What You Can Expect at Your First Visit

“What makes me different from the conventional medical doctor is that I really take the time to listen to your story.”

During your initial office visit, Dr. Finkle will do a thorough intake, review your medical records and lab reports, and do a physical examination and Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis. Acupuncture is offered if requested and appropriate. Dr. Finkle will identify the imbalances, deficiencies, or possible food allergies, then develop a plan to guide you back to optimal health based upon your individual needs. Before your next visit, she will review and research your case. Each treatment is individually tailored to fit your lifestyle, needs, and resources.

“I believe that each of us is personally responsible for our own health care choices. I offer guidance, support, incentive, understanding, direction, and flexibility. If you don’t want acupuncture, we can use herbs. If you can’t swallow pills, we can use liquid tinctures. We can take small steps and make just one dietary change at a time or we can do an all-out allergy elimination diet. What’s great about this medicine is the huge bag of tricks available; the art is to find the best road to the cure.”

Fee Schedule

Although naturopathic medicine is not covered by insurance in the state of New York, your insurance company may cover the cost of an acupuncture treatment. Please check with your insurance company before your visit and let us know how we can assist you in getting reimbursed.

Naturopathic Visits

First Office Visit
1 hour - $120
1 ½ hours - $150 (may include acupuncture)
2 hours - $185 (may include acupuncture)
2 hours plus - $220 (may include acupuncture)

Return Office Visit
15 mins (Brief) - $35
30 mins - $50
45 mins - $75
1 hour - $90 (may include acupuncture)
1 ½ hours - $125 (may include acupuncture)  

Children (under 12 years)
First Office Visit - $95
Acute or Return Office Visits
   15 mins - $45
   30 mins - $30

Acupuncture Visits
Acupuncture only (for pain conditions)
First Office Visit - 1 ½ hours - $90
Return Visit - 1 hour - $75

Phone Consultations
Under 15 minutes - free
15 - 30 mins - $35
30 - 45 mins - $60
45 mins - 1 hour - $75

Late cancellation fee - $25
No show fee - $35
Payment by check or cash ONLY is due at the time of the visit.

Call 845-389-2547 for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

We may also be reached by email at risefinkle@hotmail.com

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